We are on a mission

To offer effective, non-surgical, medical treatments that helps a body heal itself

Founded in 2017, Stem Medical is offering athletes and other patients suffering from injuries or chronic pain a medical alternative for a faster recovery. We believe in the natural healing power of stem cells, treating pain at its source by regenerating damaged tissue. Stem Medical provides quick, effective treatments that will eliminate pain and get you back on your feet, doing what you love.

Marko Majstorović

Welcome to Stem Medical

For the last seven years, our goal has been to offer a cutting edge medical treatment for people who live with pain on a daily basis. Our idea is that every person should do their daily routine, whether it's weight lifting, playing with their grandchildren, walking or skiing without any joint pain or any movement restrictions. According to current scientific papers, we are convinced that the solution to most of these kinds of problems is using mesenchymal stem cells for treatment. It is safe, fast and effective. Being a sports people ourselves, we know too well that a painless motion is crucial in any kind of activity.

Marko Majstorovic