Step 1 - Extracting body fat

Upon your visit to our clinic, we will first take you through the intervention and postoperative period in order to resolve any dilemmas you might have. Then you will be transferred to the OR for the final pre-operative preparation. We will perform liposuction in local anesthesia and extract about 100g of fat from your belly region. The procedure itself is painless – please see our patients’ testimonials. After the procedure you will be capable of leaving the clinic on your own, meaning that you need not be escorted by a companion. You are advised to take moderate rest – lying is not mandatory, but moderate movement is advised.

Step 2 - Preparing stem cells

Upon extraction, stem cells are differentiated from the fat through several procedures performed with help of a worlds best-graded apparatus (Unistation). The process lasts for about 5 hours. Upon completion, the stem cells are counted by a special apparatus – counting report will be emailed to you in order to inform you about the number of the obtained stem cells and their condition.

Step 3 - Injecting stem cells

Upon stem cells are differentiated, you will be invited to come back to our practice. Upon preparation, the concentrated stem cells will be injected in the zone that is being treated. This procedure is almost painless and it lasts for about half a minute. Then you will leave our clinic and return to your daily activities with some limitations in the period 4-7 days (without strenuous physical activities).

In and out in 1 day

Then it's your body that steps in to heal itself


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